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Conventional Wellhead

Great Lakes Wellhead provides, installs, and supports proven API-6A flanged wellhead systems that are a reliable, cost-effective solution to a wide variety of surface applications. Standardized and easy to install, this product line features working pressure ratings from 2,000 to 15,000 psi. Available in all trim levels PR & PSL ratings. Conventional Wellhead 101

Casing head
Casing Head
Casing Spool
Casing Spool
Tubing head
Tubing Head


Multibowl Wellhead system (MBS)

Great Lakes Wellhead, Multibowl wellhead system offers significant time-saving advantages over conventional wellheads. Great Lakes Wellheads Multibowl system consists of two pieces: a lower housing and upper housing installed as one complete unit. If the intermediate casing sticks, the mandrel casing hanger can not be used. The two housings can be separated and the emergency slip style casing hanger can be installed.

Our Multibowl wellhead system comes complete with wear bushings, running tools, standard and emergency packoff, and a combination test plug/ running-retrieval tool.


MBS  Wellhead System
MBS Wellhead
MBS wellhead
MBS Wellhead Internals


Wellhead Components

GLW sells a variety of API-6A Wellhead-related components for use while drilling, completing, and producing your project.  Call us today for a full list of available Wellhead components.

Weld neck flange
Weld Neck Flanges
Companion flange
Companion Flanges
Adapter Flanges
Adapter Flanges


Casing Slips
C-22 Slips
API 6A studs
API 6A Studs
API 6A Ring gaskets
API 6A ring gaskets


Wellhead Accessories 
DSA wellhead
Double Stud Adapter 
Wellhead secondary seals
Secondary seal assemblies


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