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Production Trees

Great Lakes Wellhead sells API-6A Christmas tree equipment in a variety of trims and configurations suitable for production, storage, and disposal applications. Tubing head adapter, API-6A gate valves, API-6A Hydraulic and Pneumatic ESD safety valves, Cross blocks, Tree caps, Chokes, API ring gaskets, Double studded adapters, Tubing hangers, Needle valves & Gauges. Tubing production trees,  Casing Flow production trees, Injection Production tree, and Disposal Production tree.  Great Lakes Wellheads have all your API-6A production tree needs.

Production trees
Production Tree
High Flow production tree
High Flow Production Tree

Wellhead Maintenance

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of wellhead maintenance services. We are highly experienced in safely servicing deep, high-pressure, high-temperature wells in the most active land production basins.

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. provides cost-effective solutions for wellhead maintenance services (greasing), specialty valve grease, sealants, and flush. Because we are independent of the major wellhead manufacturers, we have experience with all types of wellhead and wellhead equipment.

Let Great Lakes Wellhead build you a custom inspection and greasing procedure for each well. Access your reports 24/7  from the field with our ERP reporting system.

API 6A wellhead
Wellhead schematic 
Wellhead greasing
Custom Greasing procedure

Wellhead Production Tree Components 

Tubing Hangers 

Provide tubing annular seal, Suspension of the tubing string, and Isolation of tubing string in the Wellhead /Tubing head.

Tubing hanger

TC-1W Wrap-Around Tubing Hanger

TC-1A Mandrel Tubing Hangers

TC-1A Mandrel Tubing Hanger

TC-1A-EN Extended Neck Tubing Hanger

TC-1A-EN Extended Neck Tubing Hanger

Tubing Head Adapters

Provide a secondary seal to the tubing hanger while adapting the tubing string to API-6A wellhead components. Start of the production tree.

BO2 Tubing Head Adapter

BO2 Tubing Head Adapter

B-1 Tubing Head Adapter

B-1 Tubing Head Adapter

A5P Tubing Head Adapter

A5P Tubing Head Adapter

Gate Valves

Provide isolation of the tubing string and act as a working seal element at the surface of the wellhead. API 6A

Wedge gate valve
Wedge gate valve
Flanged gate valves
Slab gate valve
Threaded Gate valve
Threaded gate valve


Production tree accessories

Provide custom configurations for the production tree.

Production cross
Production cross
Tree cap BHTA
Tree cap (BHTA)
API 6A ring gaskets
API 6A Ring gaskets
API 6A Bolts
API 6A Bolts
1/2" NPT NV and gauge
Needle valves and Gauges

Corporate Headquarters

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